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how to blackout text in pdf

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This explains why there are a lot of PDF alternatives vying for your business's attention

It offers compression, detecting images and hyperlinks, and the ability to add and remove watermarksThis program is ideal for batch conversions, and allows users to add bookmarks, add numbers and dates, and even add watermarks

how to blackout text in pdf

It's also available in an app for iOS, Android, and WindowsUsing the capabilities of the Save As feature Using the capabilities of the Save As feature to convert your Word document to PDF online is a simple and straightforward processHowever, you may have to use a third-party application to perform the actual conversion

how to blackout text in pdf

There are a number of websites that offer this serviceThe Save As feature in Microsoft Word offers the smallest PDF file, but it doesn't do a great job of converting complex documents

how to blackout text in pdf

If you're looking to convert a long Word document into a smaller PDF, you'll want to consider using a dedicated PDF tool, which offers more precise control

The most obvious way to save your Word document as a PDF is to open it in the default PDF viewerHowever, you will need to have Word updated

Once you have done so, you can open the latest version of the fileYou can also open the document by using the Pages app on your Mac

It is available for free in the App StoreIf you use Windows, you can use the File Explorer application

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