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how do i edit a pdf on mac

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This prompts you to save your new PDF to your computer

Reverting to an older version will require you to first uninstall the version of the Reader or Acrobat currently on your drive5

how do i edit a pdf on mac

Repair program installation pdf_files_repair Adobe Acrobat or Reader, or the resources they rely on could be damaged, hence unable to execute their functions effectivelyThe solution here is to repair the installationYou can use the control panel to perform the repair procedure or open the program and choose Help > Repair program installation which is easier

how do i edit a pdf on mac

Most of the problems you will encounter when opening PDF files will be due to one of the cases discussed aboveIt’s also important to ensure that your operating system recognizes PDF

how do i edit a pdf on mac

For instance, Microsoft Edge is not only the default browser in Windows 10 but also the default PDF reader

You can change that so as to make Reader or Acrobat your default PDF readerOnce complete, restart your computer and try opening the PDF document again

The Bottom Line From the preceding, there are many ways to fix the "cannot open PDF" errorAlways begin by troubleshooting and zeroing in on the exact issue that has led to the problem

With this information, you can apply the correct fix from our list of suggested solutionsFor damaged PDF files, your best bet is using Wondershare Repairit

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